Global Executive Search

Executive search is recognised as the most effective way to identify, approach and recruit the best and most appropriate senior people to an organisation.


Each of our partners has gained practical experience in different organisations, in different roles and different countries. Our clients receive the benefit of our collective experience, know-how and contacts.

Our professional standards are supported by thorough research, strong analytical skills, patience, discretion and, above all, sound judgment and commercial experience at a senior level.

The approach of Cordiner King is practical and professional. We recognise the specialised nature of the task and the need for the highest levels of understanding, service, timeliness and confidentiality.

We go further than simply accepting your description of the ideal candidate. We must have a clear understanding of your organisation, its culture and its objectives. It’s easy to put together a list of candidates; where we excel is finding appointable candidates who will add real value to an organisation.


Many organisations lack the internal resources and the objectivity to make senior appointments from outside. They may also be reluctant to draw upon their own networks, while advertising seldom draws a response from the best people. The potential interest of these people needs to be developed in confidence and without initial commitment.

We have the resources, skills, techniques, experience and expertise that you'll need to find the best people for your organisation.


We look not just for one outstanding candidate, but a range. We do a great deal of exploring and reference checking. We know of no short cuts.

Our success is built almost entirely on referrals and repeat business. With every client engagement, we strive to add value, providing the very best service to ensure a successful outcome every time.