December 2018

Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) was pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Tim Brown who will commence as Director in January 2019.


Currently Professor of Data Science at the University of Melbourne, Brown brings extensive experience with academic and leadership roles at a number of AMSI’s membership institutions.


His previous roles include Foundation Director of the University of Melbourne’s Statistical Consulting Centre, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Western Australia, Head of Department of Statistics and later Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Melbourne, Dean of the Faculty and later College of Science at ANU and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) at La Trobe.


With a PhD in theoretical probability from the University of Cambridge, Professor Brown is considered a pioneer in the development of statistical consulting as an important feature of the tertiary mathematics landscape. With research spanning probability theory, statistics and its application to important problems, he has had over 50 publications in refereed journals, numerous reports for various organisations and two school mathematics textbooks.


A passionate collaborator, including with Universität Zürich’s Andrew Barbour and the University of Melbourne’s Aihua Xia, Brown’s applied work has impacted occupational health, car construction and finance for worker’s compensation. Perhaps most significant, however, have been his contributions to Year 12 and tertiary entrance assessments in Victoria and the system for ATAR.